Hello Internet!  Welcome to Fox in the Ivy!  My name’s Steph, and I like foxes.  And ivy.

About Me:

I’m a 24 year old graduate student studying chemistry at the University of Oregon.  I hail from the great state of Minnesota so my earliest posts feature the last few months of my life as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota where I studied Bioproducts Engineering.  While I’m loving my life in Eugene, I do miss Minneapolis.  But there are plenty of new adventures to have here on the west coast and I’m excited to see what they are!

About the Blog:

As I’ve moved far away from home, family, and friends, this is a way for them to share in my adventures.  This blog has also has given me a great excuse to practice photography, do some crafting, make my new home look pretty, and pretend to be a model.  Maybe some of you will be inspired by my ideas!  Then we can totally be friends and that’d be pretty cool :)



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I’ve been making and loving your slouch cable knit beanies and have had serious interest from others about making some for them as well, which led me to wonder how I would fare selling them. I see no information about this so I thought I would ask your permission directly. May I use your pattern to produce finished items for profit? Thanks so much, and regardless I love it! So simple and easy to understand.

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