What I’m Knitting: Knit Pillow Changes

Remember those pillows I was working on last winter?  Well, surprise surprise, I’m nowhere near finished.  This may have something to do with the fact that we bought a house, or maybe it’s because I completely changed the project and started over…

I chose to do a cable pattern because I didn’t have any extra thick yarn to satisfy my chunky pillow desires.  Well, one day I was at Michael’s and they had some chunky yarn on sale, and before I knew it my cart was filled with like 10 skeins.  Does this happen to anyone besides me?

I’m using Loops & Threads Phat in White, and this yarn is very interesting.  It sort of looks like long thin tubes of nylon mesh stuffed with batting (you know, the fluffy white stuff you fill pillows and stuffed animals with).  It’s a strange texture, but pretty fun to work with.

This does mean that my finished pillows will look a lot more like the inspiration photos I shared, plus there is the added bonus that I can work in a much simpler pattern thus reducing the time that these should take.  I’ve started the first one in a simple 1 x 1 rib.  In all honesty, they should be done by now but did you realize how hot it was this summer?  Not ideal knitting weather, so I took a break to work on settling in to the new house.  Plus, as always there’s research to be done.  The data for my thesis project isn’t going to collect itself!

Has anyone else started a project over in the middle of it?



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