Things You Never Think Will Happen

Well, I’ve had another long blogging dry spell and I wish it had been for a more trivial reason.  I’m about to get real serious here, so I’m warning you now that if you don’t want to be incredibly frustrated with humanity today then you might want to skip this post.

Spring Break for the University of Oregon was in the middle of March this year, so Scott and I planned a nice camping trip on the coast for a combination of hiking and relaxation.  Unfortunately for us we got  pretty much the exact opposite.  Monday morning we were just starting off on a hike, traipsing through the wet foliage glittering in sunlight, stopping to take a picture of a salamander with a flame colored belly, when my phone started ringing.  The number was listed as “Unavailable” but I was curious, so I answered anyways.  An officer was on the other end, and she told us that she was at our house.  We had been robbed.

I’ve had a lot of different emotions over the past month.  Shock, anger, sadness, confusion, frustration, anger again.  It’s been a long month.  Our house was completely trashed in the robbery; the officer actually said it was the worst she’d ever seen.  So we’ve been spending most of our time cleaning up the mess and taking stock of what we’re missing.

The biggest loss was our pictures.  Besides all of our computers being taken, the robbers also stole all our flashdrives which was where I had my pictures backed up.  I’m still baffled by why they wanted to take something that can be bought for $10 at any box store because it just seems kind of pointless.  After that the hardest things to lose were our vintage game systems.  I had my original Gameboy color along with all my games (all working!) stolen.  That teal Gameboy was what made me fall in love with video games.  I don’t think I could even begin to count the hours I spent on that thing playing Pokemon as a child!  Along with that I had a Gameboy Advanced, a Gameboy DS, a Super Nintendo, a Gamecube, and a Playstation 2.  All of which were in perfect working order.  Any old school video game enthusiasts can probably sympathize with what a huge loss this was.  It’s pretty dang expensive to find those systems in good condition these days.  Scott also lost an original Nintendo, an original Xbox, a Playstation 3, and a brand new Playstation 4.  Can you tell we’re pretty big video game nerds?  They inexplicably left our Nintendo 64 and all of its games, which I’m certainly not complaining about.  One of my favorite games of all time is on that system!  Any other Banjo Kazooie fans out there?

There were some other sentimental things that got taken such as several posters that were awaiting frames, a giant brass bullet on a stand that I found in my grandma’s basement (I think it must have been my grandpa’s from the WWII era), and probably the most frustrating loss of all, a box of vintage knitting and crochet patterns also from my grandma.  That one irks me the most because they’re not even worth anything to anyone but me, and there’s no way I could ever replace the collection.  It’s just hard losing that piece of her.  At least they left all my knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Along with everything that made us want to punch a wall, there were a few… interesting things we noticed about the break in.  First, they ate our ice cream, along with everything in our meat and cheese drawer.  Even funnier, they apparently tried one of the dried dates I had in the pantry and weren’t impressed, because we found one half chewed on the floor of our laundry room.  Also, they took really weird articles of clothing.  Scott had a bunch of old jeans that no longer fit, in a pile to go to GoodWill.  They took all of those.  I also had a whole bunch of belts, some of them that were getting pretty old and ratty.  They took all the nearly broken ones and left my three favorites.  I was very grateful for that, though unfortunately they are all waist-sized belts so I’ve been dealing with a lot of saggy pants lately.  There were also some incongruities such as our lounge chair being thrown over onto the couch, apparently in an effort to grab the power strip that was behind it, yet a set of decorative jars I had on the mantle had been opened and the tops set carefully down next to them.  Some paperwork from school such as class schedules and graduation planners were taken, but my checkbooks were left untouched.  We’re 90% sure that whoever was through here was high or something.  An even freakier thought was that one group broke in and took the big ticket items, and then some bums came through to pick through the mess and eat our food.  It just makes my skin crawl thinking of strangers walking through our house, touching all our belongings, looking through our life.

Fortunately, our kitchen was relatively untouched.  We did lose the contents of our liquor cabinet along with Scott’s beer growlers, but it was nice that we were still able to cook, giving us one way to make life feel normal again.


Our little snuggle bugs

Our little snuggle bugs

One more amazing thing is that both of our cats made it through the ordeal unharmed.  I don’t know what we would have done if something had happened to them!  And even though the whole experience has really sucked, there were some good parts of that week.  More on that to come later.

As far as the investigation goes, the Eugene police have been completely useless.  We’ve called the officer in charge of our case multiple times looking for updates and never got calls back.  Nobody has checked in with us about anything.  Word on the street is that last year somebody high up in the chain of command made a public announcement that the police would no longer be investigating burglaries, which is pretty much the stupidest thing they could do.  Why don’t they just ask criminals to kindly come rob the citizens of Eugene?  Theft has got to be the most frequent crime here, and I get that it’s not the highest priority for a city like Chicago or New York, but let’s be real, those places have way bigger fish to fry.  But Eugene barely has any violent crime so I’m curious as to what the police are doing with their time if they’re not investigating robberies.  The whole experience has really made us lose respect for the force, and has overall been really disheartening.  At this point we’ve pretty much given up hope of getting anything back.

Who knows, maybe something will turn up from the fingerprints or DNA samples, whenever the police get around to analyzing them (my guess is never).  I’m personally hoping karma catches up to these jerks soon.  I think one of Scott’s friends said it best: “I hope they get dick cancer.”


2 thoughts on “Things You Never Think Will Happen

  1. Oh darling, I am so deeply saddened to have read about your recent break in…… I am new to the interweb, and when I came across your blog, I immediately fell in love! You are like the granddaughter I never had. I have loved your light hearted posts about fashion and your dashing young beau….. I hope you find your way back to those things.

    All my love,

    • Thank you Camilla! It is always nice to hear kind words after something like this happens. Helps us remember that there are so many wonderful people in the world

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