Hello 2015!

My favorite picture from the lab camping trip.  Can I say baby mushrooms are a symbol of the new year?

My favorite picture from the lab camping trip. Can I say baby mushrooms are a symbol of the new year?

Happy New Year everyone!

I bet you can guess where this post is going.  New Year’s Resolutions!  I’m sure everyone in the world is dying to know what kind of changes a 24 year old grad student plans on making for the new year.  Oh, you’re not?  Well, I’m going to share anyway, because at least now I can pretend the internet is holding me accountable or something….

  1. Workout Three Times a Week: Aside from my 10 minute bike rides to campus, I haven’t exercised in oh, maybe 6 months.  I want to do a solid 45-60 minute workout at least three times a week.  Some friends and I are planning on going to a Spin class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and doing yoga and/or rock climbing on Saturdays.  I’m so excited!  After the stress of last term I definitely need to get more endorphins pumping on the regular.
  2. Meal Plan: This is something I wanted to start doing as soon as we moved to Oregon. But first we had to get our kitchen organized, then we had to work on organizing the rest of the house, then school got busy, and we just never started.  So I want to plan my next week’s meals on Thursday or Friday, get groceries on Saturday, since that’s farmer’s market day, and cook a big batch of something on Sunday to eat for lunch over the next week.  I think this will help me stick to a better food budget and eat healthier too.
  3. Post Twice a Month: Maybe people noticed that I had a three month gap between blog posts?  Maybe not because nobody besides a couple friends actually follows me?  Either way, if I’m going to really get into blogging I need to make it just a bit more of a priority.
  4. One Hour TV Limit: Scott has a Netflix account and we have a Roku, so it is far too easy for me to get sucked into hours of TV binges.  So I am giving myself one hour of TV time a day to relax while I eat dinner, and no more until I’ve finished homework, grading, and studying.  I still need to get my office in the guest bedroom set up so hopefully that will also help with motivation.

Speaking of the guest bedroom….

The problem is much more than bad lighting

This is what it looks like right now…. Sooooooo embarrassing!  When we moved here I totally thought I would get everything all organized and pretty within a week so I could share pictures of what a cute little home we had made here.  HA. HAHAHAHAHA. We have now been here FOUR MONTHS and this room still looks like this. Shame. So much shame.  And I’m not even going to begin to talk about what state the “workout corner” in the living room is in….

Anyways, we obviously have some work to do and plan to actually make good progress on it before Scott has to travel for work again.  Maybe that’s another resolution?  But I have noticed that I just don’t feel completely settled yet and it’s starting to seriously affect my productivity.  I would love to have a beautifully decorated home so that I can actually start a home decorating feature here on the blog. Also, I have big dreams of entering Apartment Therapy‘s Small Cool Contest this year, so I definitely need to get this place in order before that time comes.  I actually thought about entering their January Cure as I get this place cleaned up, but this month is just far too busy with the start of a new term. Plus, I’ve already signed up for Blogging 101 through WordPress to help improve this blog.  I can only work on so many things at a time!

By the way, Fox in the Ivy is now one year old!  Makes this an even better time for making blog related resolutions.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Post them in the comments and we can hold each other accountable :)

– Steph


2 thoughts on “Hello 2015!

  1. I love your New Year’s Resolutions! I wish I could work out for 60 minutes 3 times a week but that just isn’t happening. My resolutions are to walk on both my breaks at work and my lunch because we get an hour! Who needs an hour to eat lunch?! I also want to do better on my blogging, so I am starting to crank out ideas like mad so I have a few as backup all the time. And my final one is just to can more so I have healthy home grown food to reach for in the winter instead of processed icky stuff. What do ya think?

    • Awesome! How have you been sticking too them? I haven’t been doing a very good job so far… I only get a workout in about once a week, not counting my short bike ride to campus each day. And yeah, I try not to eat as much food from boxes and have been doing pretty well. I’ve been making big batches of soup in my crock pot and then freezing a bunch for easy meals.

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