The Wreck of the Peter Iredale

I completed my first term of grad school in mid-December, and man, was that a relief.  It turned out to be a long and stressful term for the guys in my lab group as well, so we planned a camping trip to relax.  By “we planned” I really mean “they planned” and I just tagged along :P

Some of my awesome lab mates

Some of my awesome lab mates

We drove up to Fort Stevens State Park west of Portland and rented a pair of yurts which were both cheap and cozy. The weekend was spent fishing, hanging out around the campfire and playing board games.  We even got lucky with a sunny day (rare for Oregon winters) so we took a short walk out to the beach to see the Peter Iredale Shipwreck.

The Peter Iredale was a British ship travelling from Mexico to Portland when on October 25th, 1906 strong winds and currents ran it aground at Clatsop Beach.  Luckily, none of the crew was injured and everyone was able to reach the shore safely, including two stowaways!  Captain Lawrence was reported to toast the ship with a bottle of whiskey, because, you know, why not?  Since then the wreck has been a tourist attraction, and today the steel bones of the ship still rest in the sand.

In love with the color on these shells

In love with the color on these shells

I feel like shipwrecks aren’t often seen from dry land, so this was a pretty cool experience!  And if you’re curious, some more pictures of the ship and the wreck’s history can be found on Offbeat Oregon.

– Steph


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