Witch Hat Tower

Witch Hat Tower

Another one of my favorite Minneapolis landmarks is the Witch Hat Tower, an old decommissioned water tower that overlooks the city.  The neighborhood it overlooks is really close to the Super Block, the group of dorm buildings were I lived during my freshman year, and I remember walking up there as I started my new life.  This spot has always felt a little special to me because of that.

Witch Hat Tower


A couple of my friends used to live right next to this park, and one of them who used to play a lot of Nintendo 64 like me, commented that after years of playing Banjo-Kazooie (does anyone else remember that game?) he now found himself living in the shadow of the Witch Hat Tower.  If you’ve ever played the game then you know why this is significant.

Witch Hat Tower

Unfortunately, the morning I visited the tower was grey and muggy so the view from the hill wasn’t as awesome as it sometimes is.  My favorite season to come here is autumn, when all the trees are at their peak level of colorfulness.

Witch Hat Tower

I just love old historic structures.  They really are a way to see into the past and imagine how life used to be.

Are there any cool historic places in your neighborhood?



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