The Next Step

I have officially passed that modern milestone of graduating college.  On May 15th 2014 I received my Bachelors of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with minors in Chemistry and French Studies.  Now I’m supposed to be thinking about my future in “the real world” and celebrate the end of homework and tests, but unfortunately some part of me just doesn’t want to leave the academic world just yet… I’ll be moving to Eugene, Oregon at the end of August to pursue a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Oregon.  That means roughly 5 more years of tests and homework, combined with research and TA duties.  But at least this time around I get paid to do it!  I’m crazy excited to move to the Pacific Northwest and experience life in a whole new part of the country.  But I will miss Minneapolis greatly.  So for this summer I’m planning on relaxing and just soaking up the summer sun, and spending as much time as possible with all my friends (most of whom are also prepping for big moves around the country.  So many changes!) I’m also going to try to explore as much of Minneapolis as I can before my move, and hopefully document it here on the blog, giving myself a way to remember my favorite city and maybe inspiring some of you to visit.  I still say it’s the best city in the Midwest (sorry Chicago, but most of your inhabitants are so rude) and hold on to the idea that maybe one day I’ll settle down here.  Until then, I’ve got some new polymers to discover and solar technology to research.

And don’t worry, the blog will be continuing on in Eugene, hopefully to an apartment or house that I can decorate and make beautiful enough to share here.  But right now it’s time for swimsuits, water-skiing, s’mores, and reading in hammocks.  Happy summer everyone!

– Steph



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