Easter Blossoms

It finally feels like spring here in Minnesota! It may have snowed almost 9 inches this past week at my parent’s house in Clear Lake, but the sunny 70 degree weather went a long way towards getting us all in the Easter spirit.  This bright floral skirt seemed the perfect piece to wear in celebration of the great weather.  Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve gotten used to taking advantage of warm sunny days when they come.  The afternoon was spent eating too much great food, chatting with relatives, and listening to my little cousins brag about all the candy Mr. Easter Bunny brought them.  Oh, and some sidewalk chalk drawing.

shirt : Express / skirt : Francesca's / shoes : Delia's / necklace : H&M / belt : Targert

shirt : Express / skirt : Francesca’s / shoes : Delia’s / necklace : H&M / belt : Targert

My parents dog, Tango, came running out of the woods carrying this prize.  Looks like one of the local deer didn’t fare so well over the cold winter.

Our cat Dice needs to stay on a leash otherwise he eats some grass, comes back inside, and promptly pukes.  But he sure does love all the new smells he finds outside.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!  Even if Christianity isn’t your thing, this time of year is always great for enjoying warmer weather, new blooms, and all those cute baby animals. :)

Happy spring!

– Steph


2 thoughts on “Easter Blossoms

  1. Hi Steph,
    I have followed you from the beginning, and absolutely LOVE your blog! This post in particular, because you showcase your beautiful kitty. I hope you keep posting!

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