Awaiting Spring

Before the snowstorm that hit Minneapolis yesterday (on April 3rd. I KNOW!) we had a sunny but windy day that began to whisper promises of spring.  It seemed the perfect opportunity to get outside and showcase my new boots.  I wanted to shoot this post in front of some fun murals in Dinkytown, but alas, the bright mid-day sun and wind made this impossible.  Instead, we found a quiet corner of campus that blocked the wind still holding some of winter’s chill.

dress : Target / cardigan : Express / boots : Rampage via DSW / necklace : Old Navy

This is one of my go-to dresses for late fall or early spring weather and I almost always pair it with this long blue cardigan.  I just really enjoy the color combination and the proportions I get when I wear them together.

Owls are my favorite animal (followed by foxes, cheetahs, elephants, hedgehogs, axolotls, and cats in that order) so I’m constantly collecting owl jewelry, figurines, and accessories.  Lucky for me, several of these animals are really trendy right now so I’m able to find a lot of fun stuff featuring them.

I can’t wait to come back to this spot once the grapevines/ivy have started growing again.  Is there anything you love more than a good ivy covered brick wall?  Of course, winter has to relinquish it’s stubborn hold on Minnesota weather patterns before that happen but with upcoming temps near 60 this week (!!!) that should happen soon.  Meanwhile, I’ll just keep on waiting, daydreaming of sundresses and warm days at the beach.

– Steph


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