Tank Talk

I spent my spring break in Neenah Wisconsin spending time with my boyfriend because when you’re in a long distance relationship the opportunity to spend a week together beats out a sunny beach any day.  I know it’s not glamorous, but at least I had a photographer for this outfit post!

We can see grass! Hurray!

A new Goodwill opened in Neenah so obviously we had to check it out.  We got there the second day it opened, hoping that all the good stuff hadn’t already been bought.  Let me tell you, a fresh new Goodwill is like thrifter heaven because I found so many great things!  Some of them need a bit of alteration and some of them need to wait for warmer weather but my favorite purchase of the day was this sweater.

It was one of those times where I pulled it out of the overstuffed rack, looked at it, thought for a second that it was hideous but then realized it was in fact glorious.  And it fit me perfectly.  I love everything about it from the shape to the pattern to the colors.  I know it’s a bit more of an “autumn” sweater, but that’s not going to stop me from wearing it into spring.  Besides, I have the perfect vision of wearing it with a pleated black skirt and there’s no way I’m waiting 5 or more months before I test out my idea.


I also want to talk about this jacket.  This jacket just might be my favorite clothing purchase I have made.  Ever.  I bought it a few years ago when the whole moto jacket craze was starting to hit, and I stumbled upon it while perusing Roxy‘s website.  Back in high school I went through the whole “boarder” phase, wearing clothing almost exclusively from Pacsun and going to the sad excuse for a snowboard hill called Powder Ridge which was the only place to go near my hometown of St. Cloud Minnesota.  During that time I came to love the Roxy brand so now every so often I look through their site to see if there’s any clothing I can translate into my non California surfer lifestyle.  So anyways, I saw this jacket.  It was on sale.  I impulse bought it immediately.  I think I had to get a smaller size than I thought I would need so I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t fit but it was just so beautiful I had to take the risk.  It fit perfectly.  The fabric had the most wonderful gold shimmer to it (and not in a tacky way) and it was pretty much everything I could ever wish for.  And now I live for those temperate months of fall and spring when I can wear this jacket constantly.  It’s one of the biggest reasons I yearn for cooler weather in the muggy heat of a Minnesota summer.  I love it so so much.

I love a good nail pattern!

I love a good nail pattern!

jacket : Roxy / sweater : Goodwill / jeans : Gap / boots : DSW / purse : Fossil / hat : handmade

But enough about the jacket.  Are any of you interested to know more about my hat? I made it myself!  Stay tuned for the pattern and directions.

My first cable pattern hat

My first cable pattern hat

Hope you’re all enjoying the slow shift into spring!

– Steph


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