Valentine’s Day at Loring Pasta Bar

So I know I’m a little waaaaaay behind on getting my Valentine’s Day post up, but you’ll have to bear with me as I get used to this whole blogger timeline thing.  I promise the content will be still be relevant for Valentine’s Day 2015 so maybe you can just save this post and look back at it later.

Luckily our weather here in Minneapolis wasn’t terribly brutal on February 14th and I was able to wear one of my favorite dresses.  It also helped that our date location was less than three blocks from my apartment.  I did have to wear some layers underneath but I still consider it a success!

V Day at Loring

shirt: Express / dress: Delia’s / leggings: Herberger’s / boots: Alloy / watch: Fossil / necklace: gift

Most of these items I’ve had for a few years (as in, I bought them in highschool/freshman year of college) so they don’t all come from the most glamorous sources, but hey they’re still cute and they still fit so I’m gonna keep on wearing them!

I was pumped for a chance to wear this dress.  I love the floral pattern and it has pockets so it’s basically the best LBD variation ever, right?  And of course I was pumped for a romantic evening with my boyfriend too ; )


Speaking of my boyfriend, this was the bag I decorated to house his present.  I got the idea from this adorable card from Paperwheel but since I found it too late to ship on time I decided to make my own version.  Nothing a little craft paper and glue can’t accomplish : )  Also I was super proud of my nails.  The light pink color is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Pink Blink and the hot pink color I bought while I was studying abroad in France and regretting my decision to only pack clear polish (what was I thinking!?)  The mani was easy to do, simply apply your base coat, let dry, and then carefully draw little hearts on each nail using the second color.



We spent the evening at Loring Pasta Bar, which is hands down my favorite restaurant in Dinkytown.  For anyone unfamiliar with Minneapolis geography, Dinkytown is a collection of bars, restaurants, and shops just north of the University of Minnesota East Bank campus.  It’s a fun little area, and obviously very student friendly.  But back to Loring.  I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone living in or visiting Minneapolis, not just to students.  Their food is crazy delicious, and their bar can make pretty much any drink you could want (and they make them strong).  But the real reason everyone should visit this glorious restaurant is the ambiance.  To be honest, I would recommend Loring even if their food was mediocre just because the place is so damn cool.  I’ve heard rumors that the building used to be an apartment and Bob Dylan supposedly lived there but I cannot confirm this.  I also don’t think I can accurately describe the style of this place but it’s sort of like a French burlesque theater coupled with a 1920’s jazz club.  It is sultry and romantic and just so so great.  They always have fantastic live music to really set the mood and on certain evenings they even have salsa or swing dancing.  Seriously, I cannot recommend this place enough.  I really wish I had a few more pictures to show you all how great it is but sadly my little point-and-shoot camera just didn’t handle the low lighting very well.


There was a special menu for Valentine’s day where we could choose an appetizer, salad, and entree for a set price.  We started with a spicy artichoke dip (arguably their best appetizer) followed by an arugula salad topped with chèvre coated strawberries and a sweet vinaigrette.  My boyfriend Scott had the fillet mignon and I tried the swordfish.  Then we obviously had dessert which was a delicious chocolatey mousse thing that we ate too quickly to get a picture of.  Another great thing about Loring is that their portion sizes are just the right size for us to have eaten 4 courses without feeling crazy stuffed.

So if you’re ever near the U of M campus and start feeling hungry I definitely urge you to stop in at Loring.  And this may sound weird, but before you leave you have to use their bathrooms.  They have really cool bathrooms.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day whether you were spending it with someone special or just enjoying some self indulgence.  And I promise to try and be more timely on my holiday related posts in the future!

– Steph


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