Brick Walls and Red Bows

If I could have my dream job, I would be a model.  I love being photographed and think it would be amazing to have a whole team of people style my hair, makeup, and clothing.  Obviously I went a different direction in my education, so to fulfill my desire to be in front of the camera I’m going to have a section on my blog for outfit posts.  Who knows, maybe I can be an inspiration to somebody’s wardrobe the way other fashion bloggers have influenced me.

Brick Walls and Red Bows

sweater: Loft / scarf: street vendor in Boston / jeggings: Gap / boots: Delia’s / purse: Fossil / watch: Fossil

I just love tying my scarf in a bow!  I think it’s such a festive way to accessorize in the winter, maybe because it makes me feel like a Christmas present haha.  Tying a bow scarf is super easy, and plenty of tutorials can be found around the internet.  Just ask Google.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to brighten up your winter wardrobe with a colorful bow.  Stay warm everyone!

– Steph


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