Mistake Rib Cowl

Welcome to Fox in the Ivy!  For my first post I’d like to share a simple knitting pattern for a cowl I made.  I got the inspiration from a scarf I saw for sale in my favorite Minneapolis yarn shop, Depth of Field Yarn.



  • width: 6.25″
  • length: 25.5″ sewn into twisted loop



To make:

  1. Collect your materials.  You will need:
    • 1 skein (245 yards) worsted weight yarn*
    • Pair of knitting needles, size US 8
    • Tapestry needle (or any needle with a large eye)
    • Scissors
  2. Begin knitting
    • Cast on 51 stitches (you need a multiple of 4 + 3 stitches for this pattern).  I prefer the long tail cast on method.
    • K2, P2, repeat to last 3 stitches then K2, P1
    • Repeat this pattern until the scarf is your desired length.
  3. Cast off and sew ends together
    • Cast off using a loose method (I alternated knit and purl stitches as I cast off).
    • Twist the scarf once and hold the ends flat together.  Use a pin to hold the ends together if you wish, and sew a seam just below the cast on/bind off stitches.  I did this by hand using a back stitch, but you could use a sewing machine as well.  Just be careful that the ribbing stays lined up on each side.
    • Flip the scarf so that the newly sewn seam is on the inside.

All that’s left is to rock your new cowl!

DSCF0526-E DSCF0535-EC DSCF0537-E

* The yarn I used was Nature Spun in Harvest Gold from Brown Sheep Company, Inc.  It is 100% wool and I bought it at Depth of Field Yarn (on sale!) the day I saw the inspiration scarf.  I always wanted to make a scarf in a nice golden color so this was the perfect opportunity!

You can change the length, width, or color of this scarf to suit your style.  I hope you enjoy it!

– Steph


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